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Bucket of Blooms is an online floral arrangement business aiming to delight you with floral designs for weddings, other special occasions and events as well as one-off individual bouquets.


The name, Bucket of Blooms, comes from the wonderful rush of  colour and spectacle that fresh flowers in a bucket give us and the anticipation of the lovely decoration to be fashioned from these.


I've always enjoyed arranging flowers, putting together something original and a little different. As I approach my golden years, I am excited by the thought of this venture into a new business with flowers.

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We provide a service for design, arrangement and delivery of floral arrangements within Singapore. Our presentations  aim at a focus on colour, texture and liveliness, delivering a lovely portrait in tune with your preferences and budget.

We are happy to discuss your preferences for either designs, such as the examples in our portfolio showcased here, or to work within your guidelines- the kind of flowers, colour schemes, where the arrangements will be placed, and the budget - for a final result that meets your expectations.

The portfolio here displays a few examples of the available arrangements, with prices to facilitate you placing orders online for standard bouquets.

Prices are in Singapore Dollars, and include delivery.


We need a two day advance booking for the simple arrangements and two weeks for special occasions and events, but we will try to oblige if you're in a desperate fix.

Do drop us an email and a phone number so we can talk over the details.

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