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We are taking a break for about three weeks, 

from today, 24th September till 5th October 2020.


We'll be back from 6th October for all orders.

Thank you everyone of our customers for all your orders and support and we hope to see you again in October.

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Bucket of Blooms is an online floral arrangement business aiming to delight you with floral designs for weddings, other special occasions and events as well as one-off individual bouquets and arrangement for all your other special events. 

We are your bespoke florist, designing, arranging and delivering your floral arrangements anywhere in Singapore. Our presentations focus on colour, texture and liveliness, delivering a lovely portrait in tune with your preferences and budget. 

In 2019, we were happy to be featured in the 2018 list of 12 Options for Flower Delivery in Singapore. And now above, we're glad to have been included in two new lists this year,  2020.

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Tel: +65 9696 1695